Funny Pictures

Oh my God. If this picture was any more funny I would probably die of laughter and I don’t think that is even possible. This is another one of my favorites because it makes me pee myself with laughter. hahahahaha. Also because it is just another reason why soccer is the best sport on earth, not because of the game but because of the hilarious injuries. hahahahha. If you look close enough it looks like he is puckering up for a kiss with the ball. I think that this picture can and will make anybody feel better no matter what. It doesnt matter how sad or mad this picture will never fail.

I think that these soccer pictures are stating to become a habit of mine. hahahaha. They always seem to be the best and funniest pictures out there, am I wrong. I mean look at it. This must happen a lot in soccer cause i see a ton of pictures like this and they never get old no matter what. They always come through and never fail to entertain. I mean just look at it and I bet you will laugh no mattter how hard you try.

I think she got a cramp.hahahahaha. Now how in the world does this even happen. She leaps into the air and then what she gets a cramp. Come on it cant hurt that bad that she stops in the middle of the air and just curls up into a ball. like is that even possible. Well obviously it is. Well that is enough her so until later a creepy old lady


Funny Pictures

Hows the weather up there. It could be the oldest tall joke in the book but it works perfectly for this picture because it really is true. hahahahaha. I think that Shaq’s shoe might be bigger then him. Did you know that Shaq has a size 23 shoe.I always thought that i had big feet at size 16 but his make mine look very tiny.If i was as tall as him and had the foot size i would literally be a human skyscraper. hahahaha

That hurt. This picture is funny cause well……….. Just look at him. hahahaha. It looks like he got punched in the face then fell on a pole. This is one of my favorite pics ever. i always puts me in a good mood when im feeling crappy. And to make it better If you think you feel bad then you should take a good look at his tongue and cheeks after this i bet they were bleeding like a son of a gun. Why do they have to wear uniforms like that in gymnastics I mean really? They look so silly and stupid. They are like skin tight and nobody and i mean nobody can pull it off. Nobody looks good in it at all. Would you wear that if some one told you to? know i wouldnt even if it was for money. I would feel ridiculous and everbody should in my opinion. Apparently those uniforms are wicked comfy but you can’t believe every thing you hear. I dont plan on trying those on anytime so I will never find out. Well this is 263 words so bye and for now a creepy old lady


Funny Picture

funny pic for blog

Do you guys think he missed the soccer ball? Oh thats why soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. Let me ride that donkey donkey, let me ride that donkey. “Aw come on man you messed up my hair.” Where do you think the soccer ball went. Is it me or does the guy in the green shirt have really small feet. “Guys, guys look at my hang time.”                                                                                 Those are just some of the many funny comments you could make from that picture. In my blog I am still thinking about what I should do. This was the first thing I came up with so i figured I should do it. I would really like your comments on what i should next and other funny pics you guys might have. This is my first time doing this so I might change up what i do. Im thinking about doing song reviews or movie reviews. I would love your feedback and like i said funny pictures will be accepted so put the link to the picture  in with the comment. If you guys have any funny things to say about the picture put those in with the comments too. And now a funny squirrel

funny squirrel

Do all squirrels have zippers? What are his powers, super nut cracking speed. “Mom, mom look, do you think its friendly.” And thats what pollution does the world and all its beings. It has to be from Texas. Every thing is bigger and badder in Texas.

Ok Bye and for now a creepy old lady

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